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When using a 7kW Wallbox the New ZOE can charge from 0 to 100 percent in 9 hours and 25 minutes. Do you have anything plugged into the usb or accessory socket? Think there is a third reason for a failing 12 volt system: Ive experienced the scan tool difference over the years and always have to question and test results. We spend so much time to find problems and once we find them quit a lots of time it turns out to be basics once we figure how system should work. This one usually points to a failure in the 12 volt system. I was very impressed as to the speed and ease of ordering. The behaviour of the Pulse box was discovered during routine parasitic drain testing (after replacing the12 V battery), when unlocking the vehicle with the remote key while the vehicle was in sleep mode (see channel D below). And as a pioneer and leader in electric mobility in Europe, Renault has unparalleled knowledge of the needs and expectations of this booming market. Range of the new ZOE to be 390 km (242 miles) under theWLTP test cycle, compared to 300 km (186 miles) previously (30% more). Hi Jeff, I used to own a Prius that did the same as your 12v battery symptoms. Thank You for sharing this! For a WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure) certified combined cycle driving range of up to 238 miles for the R135 motor, combined with a E.V..50 battery. I did have the ODB unit plugged in and haven't used the car for about 2 weeks so guess this may have draining down the battery. And there is also the safety aspect. 50 battery, which takes the useable range up to 242 miles (WLTP), which is an increase of around 30 percent over the old 40 kWh pack. Also strange how it sorted itself after 5 hours. Launched in the spring of 2015, it improves energy efficiency and allows ZOE drivers to enjoy 30 kilometers of additional range with the same level of performance. Here, we pick out the best ones to buy in the UK rig, Contrary to popular opinion, not all electric cars are expensive. While this can be added to entry-level cars for an additional cost, its still much slower than the speeds available in rivals, with the Peugeot e-208 able to charge up to twice as fast. The first quotation is about my experience. Verifying the customer complaint is an essential step in the diagnostic process but it is also quite often a time-consuming task without success. As for accessory power drain: when the car goes to sleep, it will power down the cigarette lighter (not the OBD2 plug, per OBD specifications), so that. Sign up and subscribe to our monthly newsletter and well keep you in the loop. Thus your thermal comfort goes hand-in-hand with increased range. I would have expected a dealer to do that anyway, just in case, something else to be ruled out. Review our publications, results and financial events. The dashboard has been completely redesigned to significantly improve the quality of its finishes. the key is nearby), the voltage jumps to 13.89v, but will quickly sink back to 12.06v after a few minutes with the car 'off' again. Gave it an overnight charge and had to use it again the next day, but the error message wouldn't shift. Its a question I could not answer honestly but faced with a variable like this, the easiest option was to remove the device and continue the testing. Completing the comprehensive exterior changes are the addition of three new metallic paint finishes - Celadon Blue, Flame Red and Quartz White. ), Renault Zoe | Warning message STOP: Electric failure DANGER, Wiggle testing of CAN network wiring and connectors, Check ELECTRIC system or, STOP: Electric failure DANGER, Both error messages will clear without using a scan tool, The vehicle will drive and perform normally with or without the error messages displayed, We know the location of the ECU listed in the vehicle scan report, We learn the title given to the relevant ECU by the scan tool manufacturer. Groupe Renault UK sales totalled 103,607 vehicles in 2018. 2022 by F.P. Could it be possible for the Tracker to influence or disrupt messaging on the EV CAN when not directly connected to this network? The Renault Zoe is Europe's best-selling electric car thus far. Thanks Marie for the reply. The soft shapes of the previous generation now have more distinct characteristics, while the redesigned interior offers more space and comfort. This means there are now a total of nine colours to choose from. For a long time now, especially when it is cold in the morning, a "Check Electric System" message is displayed on the driver's panel. Elsewhere, the Zoe supports up to a 50kW input charge (on Rapid Charge models only) via its CCS port. I used the Bosch scan tool and began to sequentially disconnect a number of EV ECUs in order to determine their titles as listed in the vehicle scan report. The electric motor of a Renault ZOE is reversible: during deceleration phases, it recovers the kinetic energy transmitted by the wheels and transforms it into electricity in order to recharge its battery. Can you make 12 volt consumption graph with total consumed energy on 12 V bus. The wiggle test of CAN wiring and connections was up next and here we used the math channel A+B in conjunction with a mask. Another handy feature is the ability to pre-plan your journey with MY Renault. As proof, consider pre-conditioning: an essential feature during cold weather. With the option of a 50kW DC CCS charging capability on boost charge versions, 30 minutes charging is all yourZoe E-Tech electric needs to recover up to 90 miles of driving range. Please see an authorised dealer as soon as possible. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the next evolution of our diagnostic scope software is now available. Renault estimates average real world driving figures for this vehicle as 233 miles in summer and 150 miles in winter, depending on the factors above. Renault Group is at the forefront of a mobility that is reinventing itself. All I can think is that something activated and kept running after the charge completed, maybe a 'phone home' link to the Renault ZE server that never completed, a random series of pre-conditioning runs or suchlike. Ive only had one BCI in all the time Ive had it. However, the fastest recharge times are achieved with the new 50kW DC charging option, which is perfect for longer trips. Think of this as a load test across your 12 V battery before you drive the vehicle (similar to cranking an engine). We discover the ECU responsible for reporting the fault code to the scan tool. The car will be in for its first service in less than 2 months so I will mention it again, maybe they'll find something obvious. I had the error after leaving my car connected to the charger for nearly 2 days but it cleared on the next charge. for diagnostic use. The Zoe we're getting is the facelifted model that made its global debut in June 2019, with notable changes being a more powerful electric motor and an increased battery capacity. Required fields are marked *. What is the main advantage ofpre-conditioning, especially during cold weather? Just got a call from the dealer. The effect is that the pedestrian warning sound is missing, cruise control doesn't work, and the heating system is partially non-working. On this occasion, it was noted that a different warning message would appear after the vehicle had been sitting for a considerable amount of time. Released in 2018, the R110 motor provides impressive performances in terms of torque (estimated at 225 Nm at 3300 rpm) and acceleration, going from 0-50 km/h in 3.9 seconds, 0-100 km/h in 11.4 seconds and increasing from 80-120 km/h in 8.4 seconds: for road handling that combines efficiency and adaptability. The battery capacity as well as the range used in the calculations are recovered automatically from the range simulator. Therefore, to qualify the performance of the new 12 V battery against the old, we used PicoScope in conjunction with a traditional 12 V battery load tester. * The duration and distances mentioned here are calculated from results obtained by New ZOE during the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure, standardized cycle: 57% of urban journeys, 25% of suburban journeys, 18% of journeys on the highway), which aims to represent the actual conditions of the vehicles use. Choosing a Renault ZOE means owning a vehicle designed entirely with the energy efficiency of electric mobility in mind. The user can also choose the layout of the display, so that it shows their preferred information. Higher output translates into quicker acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h (50 to 75 mph) in 7.1 seconds, 2.2 seconds better than previously. The CAN communication codes revealed by the Bosch tool (U1000, U1001 & U1002) could not be erased, suggesting the faults were still present! Finally last Autumn the local Renault garage finally solved the issue - but the guy I spoke to was not very clear as to what was done. Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% electric Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare figures with vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. However, they could be erased with the LAUNCH tool so highlighting the need for scan tool awareness when it comes to their ability to communicate on all levels with all vehicles. You can program the pre-conditioning settings at least 2 hours before your . The charger plug was not seated properly, or at least the car thought so. 50 is its ability to deliver more performance from the new R135 motor. Renault ZOE's R110 and R135 motors work in the same way as all EESM: the lithium-ion battery in the electric car supplies current to a part called the "stator", through which a rotating magnetic field is generated. In 2022, Groupe Renault's range will include 8 electric vehicles and 12 electrified models. (Replaced due to a failed routine test. Has anyone come across the "Check Electric System" error on a Zoe that won't clear before? Thanks to this Combo plug, the New ZOE is able to charge quickly with a direct current (DC) up to 50 kW, simply by inserting the charging cable attached to the terminal into the two-pin connector thats sited below the type-2 socket. On a smartphone, the MY Renault application includes a variety of useful services to manage a car remotely, such as a remote check on the battery range and charging status. In a perfect world, product knowledge, product training, access to a dedicated VM scan tool the relevant technical portal should have been the correct approach, but the real world is far from perfect. The central location of the socket makes charging even easier, especially on public charging stations which have their own cable. Har akkurat hatt 'Check Electric System' selv, pluss den hissige storebroren 'STOP Electric failure DANGER'. Renault boasts a 10-inch TFT instrument cluster, EASY LINK multimedia system, premium interior materials (soft touch plastics), 100% recycled seat trim on Iconic model and wireless smartphone charging option. I eventually got a new battery charger charged up the battery and because of limited use voltage would decrease over time. Simple pressure on the knob is enough to send instructions to the motor, while selected driving mode is clearly displayed on the center console and on the 10-inch drivers display. Check that the battery is charged more than 45%, as it is required for the feature to be activated. dotpaul 14 March 2021 21:44 #1. The last thing you'd need is a wiring loom supplying 300+ volts round the car, even if there were components that could run off such a voltage. Thanks for the thoughts and advice. Renault EASY CONNECT provides the right information and features in the right place, at the right time, in a comfortable way and without superfluity.. Renault UK does not guarantee these results. The electric range shown achieved using the new (WLTP) test procedure. Mostly simplicity. The introduction of the R110 motor allows ZOE to gain two seconds when accelerating from 80 to 120 Km/h. One thought on this: Renault fitted a battery that drops to 12.06v bellow 12.2v is considered almost dead for a 12v battery. 40 battery that doubled the real world range to 186 miles. Our discovery fits the symptom perfectly. You can actually detect this when the motor lock retries every 2-3 seconds. This full-scale experiment marks the advent of two-way charge solutions that will further enhance the role of the electric car in the energy transition movement. All ZOE models now get full LED headlamps as standard, which feature chrome inserts and are framed by the trademark C-shaped daytime running lights. Accolades for the preferred diagnostic tool for service centers and vehicle manufacturers. PicoScope is the most simple yet complex tool in my workshop for diagnostic use. This does seem pretty short indeed, but given the above, I wouldnt dismiss the dealers suggestion for replacement flat out. Throw into the mix an All Electric Drive Train and you just know you are going to reach that point during the diagnosis where you ask yourself why. Martins in Basingstoke have been looking at it. The EASY LINK navigation map database is regularly updated, automatically and transparently for the user, via the Map Auto-Update function. The new shape of the bumper incorporates chrome inserts in the grill and around the fog lights, enhancing the lower section. Smooth and adaptable to drive, the R110 version suits all those looking to discover the serenity of driving electric, especially in the city. Soft touch plastics and new sustainable trim finishes help boost premium appeal and comfort, while new TFT screens and an upgraded infotainment system reinforce the ZOEs status as a high technology leader. The big change for Renault is the first implementation of DC fast charging in ZOE. The New ZOE benefits from the new 52 kWh Z.E. The standard type-2 cable provided with the car and the Camlon charger are used for everyday AC charging use, such as at home with a Wallbox, at work, in the car park or on public roads using anything up to a 22kW supply. EV Help: Beginners or new owners guide to using a Renault Zoe Go Green Autos 62K views 2 years ago How long to do EV batteries last? After this on the same charger neither CCS or AC would work. VIN From Which Rating Applies - all Zoes. If this bus runs bad, literally nothing will work as expected, if at all really. Hence why they should call them 13v batteries maybe, just a thought . This system controls the main functions of the vehicle and can be enhanced with specific operations, such as the real time availability of charging stations. For a long time now, especially when it is cold in the morning, a "Check Electric System" message is displayed on the driver's panel. The Renault ZOE is a small electric hatchback that offers stylish looks and a strong electric range all for an affordable price. Review our publications, results and financial events. The new LED headlights (standard across the range) are now interestingly integrated into the front bar, which moves towards the logo/charging port door. No. ARKANA evolution E-Tech full hybrid 145 auto my22, Indicate if the field you would like to see is the same as 12 volt system current in the charging tech screen, Your email address will not be published. Renault creates a buzz at the Paris Motor Show with the official ZOE launch. To keep up with Renault Group in real time. When B mode is activated, the car decelerates significantly faster as soon as the driver releases the accelerator pedal. It sometimes goes away, particularly if we drive further than 20 miles or so. Figures obtained after the battery was fully charged. So which tool should we use and which codes are relevant? BTW, what I wrote earlier about capacity reflected on the startup sequence of the car. But maybe something is failing and that is only after 2 months of owning this brand new car. Also, I would be slighly scared, because that DCDC converter can put out a lot of current, about 100 amps. Top-of-the-range Iconic cars get access to full CCS charging at 50kW, enabling for a 10-80% top-up in just over an hour. The noisy CAN signal was, therefore, not the cause of our fault. The power of an electric motor is the amount of energy it can provide over a period of time. The Renault Zoe spanner warning light indicates a vehicle fault. Nothing connected to USB or accessory socket in mine at that time, I have a phone charger in the accessory now but not had an issue yet. With ZOEs versatile Chameleon Charger, charge from 3kW to 22kW wherever you are! While CAN/Bus faults were still present (using Bosch) the previous wiggle tests and EV CAN decoding had confirmed the integrity of the network. Based on the vehicle history and symptoms we couldmove on to possible causes. Join the electrifying discussion today! Driving a ZOE has always been enjoyable and this pleasure is now tenfold with New ZOE! Renault launches the first prototypes of ZOE equipped with reversible charging in the Netherlands. B mode makes driving easier, especially in the city or in slow moving traffic. Download manuals, brochures, posters, and training materials. I got back in the car and as I drove away from the charger the car again shutdown mid-drive with the same message flashing up and then going away again. It lets you see what you previously had to guess was happening. The power of a Renault ZOE motor depends on the version chosen at purchase. I should update this thread I think. Nearly a decade has passed since the first reveal of the ZOE Z.E concept at the end of 2009 and the launch of New ZOE. It makes no sense to me why you'd have a separate other battery and not just run everything off the traction battery. Your email address will not be published. Naturally the Renault Zoe has been the best-selling all-electric car in France and in 2016 it topped sales in Europe too as it's nearly 10,000 cheaper than the rival Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 will set you back even more. Perfect time for a coffee! That said if that were the case is is still undriveable. You can start the day with your battery at 100% and without the need to crank your heating or air conditioning to the max, both of which are quite energy intensive. Unveiled at the same time as the latest Renault ZOE in 2019, the R135 motor offers even more performance compared to other models. The phone should be connected all the time for logging. There are basically two reasons why the 12 volt system can be compromised (barring real faults somewhere in the electrical system): Let me start by saying the 12 volt system feeds anything and everything that is not traction or the air conditioning compressor. Thank you again for taking the time out to read and view this study, I sincerely hope it helps. The new R135 electric motor in ZOE can deliver up to 100 kW of power and 245 Nm of torque, compared to 80 kW and 225 Nm previously. Display the range area, find available charging points and also manage your route, dictate an SMS, or play your favourite music Take advantage of the many features designed to assist you throughout your journey with the Renault easy link system. I dont believe it. This display contains the main driving information including an eco-meter that encourages eco-friendly driving habits. The driver can also customise the lighting and the layout of the different information on-screen, while the displays horizon and varying perspective effects create a sense of depth for greater legibility. Also included are new LED fog lights that contribute to the overall improved lighting system. Not only recommended amps, but it is also very often replaced AGM batteries with much cheaper acid batteries that create even more error codes and unknown problems. Fantastic products and support with unbelievable performance for the money. Home is the easiest and most probably the cheapest place to chargeyour Zoe E-Tech 100% electric. With a new team in Formula 1, Renault sees motorsport as a vector of innovation and brand awareness. Copyright Autovia Ltd 2023. Furthermore, the navigation and map can be displayed on the 10-inch instrument cluster ahead of the driver, which also houses the trip computer that provides information on regenerative braking performance and driving efficiency, helping to make the most of the batterys range. Switch to a slower 22 kW charger via its Type 2 port, and it'll take three hours to fully charge or a whopping 9hrs 25mins on a 7 kW charger. The launch of the third generation of Renault's flagship vehicle in its 100% electric range is a major milestone in Renaults commitment to large scale electric vehicle development. Nothing was connected to the USB, and it was fully charging successfully. As I was heading back to the car I set it to precondition. According to Zap-Map, other Zoes had had the same issue. Hi Nick, thanks very much for the reply. The customer has confirmed that the usage pattern remains the same. The Zoe has been into my local Renault dealer several times now for this fault. Discover all news and stories of Renault Group and its brands. As an indication of its real world pace the 100kW model can accelerate from 50 to 75 mph in just 7.1 seconds, which is 2.2 seconds quicker than than the 80kW 110 PS R110 engine, which is carried over unchanged. Otherwise the car is working as normal it seems. Videos. I have to say, at this stage, I do not know. In 2016, Renault launched the second generation of ZOE with its 41kWh Z.E. The ZOEs infotainment system features the Renault EASY CONNECT set-up, which combines with the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and the MY Renault app to offer drivers a range of applications and services designed to accompany them throughout their daily activities. Company Number: 525093 For the New ZOE, engineers focused on the architecture of the lithium-ion battery and the different aspects of its design, achieving an impressive 52 kWh within the same physical cell size. Can anyone advise me & thanks in advance. Was just wondering because anything in those would be an additional draw on the 12V if they didn't power down. Nearly 150,000 registrations by the end of May 2019, ZOE sales have been growing steadily since its launch. Im not sure how often the car charges the battery at 14.3, it should on every charge cycle for this to work. If the spanner warning light comes on, you can continue driving, but have your vehicle inspected without delay. paano ang sistema ng pamumuno ng holy roman empire, stevens funeral home obituary,

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